Jonathan Long Car Accident – Obituary – Cause of death!

Jonathan Long Car Accident: Inhabitants of Tanjong Pagar shocked wakeful via vehicles firing up their motors at 5.30am heard an uproarious accident as a BMW M4 Coupe crushed into an empty shophouse in Tanjong Pagar Road and burst into blazes. Not long after that, a video arose via online media indicating the vehicle speeding past and onlookers shouting in stun as it crashes.

The horrendous mishap on the second day of the Chinese New Year yesterday killed every one of the five men in the vehicle. They were matured 26 to 29. The police said it was the most noteworthy number of individuals murdered in a solitary car crash in the previous decade. A 26-year-elderly person, the sweetheart of the driver, is in basic condition in the Singapore General Hospital with extreme consumes. She had shown up at the scene minutes after the accident, and was seen urgently attempting to get her sweetheart out.

The Sunday Times comprehends that she endured 80% consumes to her body.

Gourmet expert Mohamed Abdullah, an inhabitant who lives on the tenth floor of a Housing Board block about 150m from the scene, said he was up for his morning petition when he heard what seemed like vehicles hustling in the area.

“These vehicles go at a particularly rapid along this street, I didn’t consider glancing out my window. It’s stunning to realize that it finished heartbreakingly,” said the 48-year-old.

Mr Song Seng Wun, 60, a financial expert who additionally lives in the territory, added: “I watched out of my window and saw flares (shooting from the vehicle).” He surged from his HDB level to the scene about 150m away and saw a man bowing out and about.

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