Glamping: Which Accommodation To Choose?

Have you ever heard of glamping? The term is a combination of the words “glamourous” and “camping” and means camping with all your home comforts. Some accommodations in glamping resorts are similar to camping tents, but they are much more comfortable and provide guests with electricity, hot water, heating, air conditioning, private bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. That’s why this art of camping is called “glamourous”: in comparison to old-school wild camping glamping can seem pretty luxurious. You can live in nature on your terms without the stress of putting up a tent, building a fire, and cooking food.

Even if glamping is not so authentic as camping (outdoor living actually doesn’t look like living in a hotel), it also means getting back to nature and spending time outdoors: glamping accommodations are usually located in remote areas of natural beauty (in the forests, nature parks, and deserts). If you are a novice in glamping, the choice of glamping accommodation can be quite tricky: the variety of accommodations provided by glamping resorts is wide. To help you choose the best accommodation for you we would like to take a look at the most common glamping structures to live in.

One of the most iconic glamping accommodations is the canvas bell tent.  Yurts seem like traditional round tents of Central Asian nomads but are they comfortable inside and are often equipped with air conditioners. They are made of canvas or felt and have a wooden frame. In tipis and treehouses, you are closer to nature and can feel like a real explorer. Tipis are conical tents that are similar in form to those tents which were primarily used by the nomadic Native American tribes. Airstreams or recreational vehicles are equipped as modern mobile houses, just as safari tents. Geodomes or geodesic domes look futuristic and luxurious. They were patented in 1954 by American architect Fuller. Geodomes often include all things for comfortable living.

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Cabins, cottages, and glamping pods vary greatly, however, they often come with warm beds, kitchenettes, private bathrooms, electricity, air conditioning, and TVs. Sometimes you can also rent laptops to enjoy IviBet The popularity of glamping continues to grow and it is possible to find suitable accommodation for every taste budget. The style of accommodations can be quite different: from traditional and ethical (tipis, safari tents, yurts, igloos, huts, transparent bubbles) to modern and futuristic (geodomes and pods). Today you can also rent for your glamping vacation an underwater glamping pod (sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?), hut, wagon, or wine barrel (just as Diogenes did!). Who knows, maybe sleeping in a wine barrel is a way to discovering new philosophical theories

If you want to enjoy your vacation with kids, glamping is also a great idea, it will meet all the expectations of your family members. You don’t need to wait for the next summer if you have always planned something else for your summer vacation: glamping resorts are also open to tourists in winter. And the list of outdoor activities provided in glamping resorts is simply fascinating: from hiking, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, swimming, surfing, doing yoga, playing golf, volleyball, and football to paragliding, dog sledding, and ATV excursions. Being outside, fresh air, many interesting activities to enjoy, and all the modern amenities awaiting you in a traditional-looking, but comfortable spacious safari tent or glass pod – there are many reasons to try glamping.

Even if you are a fan of traditional old-school camping, it doesn’t mean luxury outscale camping is nothing for you. It can be an interesting experiment: find out if creature comforts and amenities are so important for you. Maybe you will find out glamping has many benefits. And, of course, it is possible to enjoy both camping and glamping in an outdoor vacation: rent a comfortable pod, igloo, or tent and go hiking and camping. You can even sleep outdoors in a sleeping bag, but then get back to your glamping pod and enjoy all the creature comforts. So, it is up to you which art of camping to choose.

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