Animal Testing – What Students Think

animal testing

Animal testing is experimentation and research to test the effects and behaviors of the beings to analyze the reaction of these biological experiments. Animal testing has been prevalent in the medical industry for several years. Over time, opinion is divided between for and against animal testing. Students who have been in practice for years also have divided opinions about animal testing.

A large number of animals are used every year for carrying out these medical experiments to ascertain the effects on humans. These debates were further sparked when the medical industry was searching for a vaccine for COVID-19. 

The urgency led to many animals being at the center stage of experiments, leaving them dead or injured. While vaccines were developed in record time, many debated the cruelty to animals that was in result carried out till the vaccines were developed.

Need for animal testing

Prevalent in the medical industry for years, animal testing has been used to determine the result on the human body. The use of these vaccines on animals has been given importance because of their probability of working on humans. A major reason why animal testing is prevalent is the lack of any other species or method that can determine the effectiveness.

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The Pros of animal testing

As the opinion is divided on the need and alternatives to animal testing, there are some pros that have kept medical institutions still using them for research and testing. The first reason is that it contributes to the formulation of life-saving medications. Animal testing is crucial to ensure that these vaccines and safe for use on humans. If the animal in the test fails to respond to the vaccine, then iterations are made to suit it for treating medical conditions.

A large reason why animal testing prevails is that there is no equivalent alternative. Animals are in consideration for vaccine testing because they are similar to human beings. Animal testing and research methods are highly regulated to keep the animals in the safest conditions. A large number of medical institutions vouch for animal testing and urge people to search on what is animal testing before drawing conclusions.

The Cons of animal testing

The student group that thinks animal testing should be banned are often focusing on the cruelty with which animals are treated. With progress in science, the same experiments can be conducted on human bodies. If humans are at less risk and can be used for testing, animals should be removed from the practice. 

Many are for the fact that animals are very different from humans, making the animals poor test subjects. The laws do not protect animals the way they protect humans. A popular opinion is that a small percent of animals are protected by laws. This leaves them at great risk of losing lives or having to survive with the ill effects.

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Animal testing, according to many medical students, is flawed, and thus they oppose using the creatures. Even if there are horrific reactions to the animals, there is not much one could do.

Developments have been ongoing

Considerable developments have been and are continuing to dominate the medicine industry. Over the years, technology and evolutions have helped carry out medical experiments without causing harm to living beings. Science and medicine have majorly progressed in many countries, reducing the chances of harm to living beings. These development are aggravating more people to stand against animal testing.

Animal rights extremists have spoken heavenly against animal testing. Students in medical institutions also have divided opinions on animal testing. It is straightforward for animal lovers to oppose animal testing. 

The pain and death that animals are fated to be the major reason many students and people are against it. Animals are often hurt or left with lifelong ailments that make living difficult for them. The major point is that animal testing does not completely ascertain the effects on humans, so what is the need to have them at all.

Save animals, stop testing

Many groups and organizations are speaking against animal testing. They are pleading for animal safety. These groups feel that animals are abused by the medical and cosmetic industries. 

There are not enough reports on how these ill effects of testing leave on these creatures who cannot speak for themselves. A large number of animals do not survive the testing and lose their lives. These groups feel that it is adequate to test vaccines and medicines on humans, as ultimately, the medicines are for them.

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Animals should be left out of the picture. They have been abused for many years, and there has to be a point where it stops completely. Many viable alternatives are a reason why animals should be left away from these experiments. 


The cosmetic industries that heavily experiment with animals should stop immediately. The cosmetic industry is not working to find treatments for life-threatening diseases. These industries need to start being mindful and stop abuse against these creatures that cannot speak.




A large number of student groups are actively revolting against animal testing. Perhaps the right thing to do. The institutions must look for safer alternatives for vaccine and drug testing. Science has progressed, and so must the minds of these medicinal practitioners. Read articles and essays on the reason why animal testing is cruel, and make an opinion of your own. Students are the future and hence need to take immediate action.


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