Dental for Seniors: 4 Most Affordable Dental Care Options

It’s no secret that dental care is important, yet many seniors struggle to afford it. In fact, a recent study found that over one-third of adults aged 65 and older have not seen a dentist in the past year. If you’re one of those seniors who need dental care but are worried about the cost, don’t worry – there are plenty of affordable options available. Here are four of the most affordable dental care options for seniors.

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) is a government-funded program that provides free dental care services to older adults in your province. 

It is a dental care program for seniors aged 65 and over. It provides dental coverage for seniors who do not have coverage through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and dental benefits from a workplace or private insurance plan. The program covers the cost of routine dental care, including cleanings, X-rays, and fillings. It also covers the cost of all on 4 dental implants, dentures, and other dental prosthetics.

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program helps seniors to maintain their oral health and to prevent dental problems before they start. To be eligible for the program, seniors must meet certain income and residency requirements. After successfully applying for dental care for seniors, you will have a maximum coverage period of one year. For more information about the OSDC, you can read this article

Independent Dental Insurance Plan

Dental care can be expensive, and the standard Canadian Medicare plan does not cover most dental procedures. However, there are several independent dental insurance plans that are specifically designed for seniors and retirees including preventive care, routine cleanings, and dental surgery. Seniors who are enrolled in an independent dental insurance plan can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will be able to receive the dental care they need.

Some dental insurance companies offer free dental for seniors. These programs typically provide a percentage of the regular dental insurance rate, making it more affordable for seniors to get the dental care they need. You can click here to learn more about affordable dental care for senior citizens. By taking advantage of dental senior discounts, older adults can maintain good oral health without breaking the bank.

Canadian Medicare

It may be surprising to learn, but dental care is often one of the most overlooked healthcare needs for senior citizens. Many dental insurance plans do not cover dental for seniors, so many seniors forego dental care altogether. However, there are a few ways that senior citizens can get dental care coverage under Canadian Medicare if they are eligible. 

You can choose to make use of the benefits of Canadian Medicare to have free benefits or discount offers. You can also learn more about how to pay for your dental care as well as other tips on reducing dental care costs for older adults alongside Canada’s Medicare assistance to further minimize your costs. 

In-House Membership Plan 

Another way to get senior dental discounts is to look for dental providers who offer senior citizen discounts. Many dentists and dental clinics offer reduced rates for seniors, so it’s worth asking about discounts when making an appointment. 

Some dental practices offer in-house membership plans that can provide significant savings. These plans typically include a monthly or annual fee and often cover multiple dental services. For seniors with regular dental needs, an in-house membership plan can be an affordable way to keep their smiles healthy and bright. Many dental practices offer dental care for seniors.

Pros and cons of each option

As people age, their dental needs change. They may also have difficulty accessing dental care due to financial or physical limitations. As a result, older adults need to consider their dental care options carefully.

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program is a free dental care program for seniors aged 65 and over. The program covers dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, and basic dental work such as fillings and extractions. It does not cover cosmetic dental work or the full cost of major dental work such as dentures or crowns. The program is available to seniors who live in Ontario and who meet the income eligibility requirements.

Canadian Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people aged 65 and over. Regular Medicare in Canada does not cover dental care expenses. However, it does cover the cost of some dental procedures considered medically necessary, such as oral surgery or treatment for jaw pain. Different from regular healthcare, Canadian Medicare Advantage plans may also offer dental coverage as an optional extra.

Both the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program and Canadian Medicare have their pros and cons. Ultimately, the best dental care option for a senior depends on their individual needs and circumstances.

Independent dental insurance plans offer seniors the freedom to choose their own dental provider and the flexibility to change providers if they move or their needs change. However, these plans can be more expensive than other options, and some providers may not accept them. 

On the other hand, in-house membership plans offered by dental clinics generally have lower monthly payments than dental insurance plans. They also offer discounts on dental services. However, members are usually required to see dental providers within the clinic or school, and there may be a limited selection of providers. 

Seniors should weigh the pros and cons of each option to decide which is best for their individual needs. Dental care is an important part of overall health care, and seniors should choose a dental plan that meets their needs and budget.


Older adults need dental care just as much as anyone else – but sometimes, it cannot be easy to find affordable dental care options. Every option may offer different levels of coverage at different price points. It ultimately comes down to what works best for you and your budget. 

It’s important to get the dental care you need to maintain your health and quality of life, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your local dentist or insurance provider.

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