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Taylor Feick Death: A 21-year-old Belpre man was shot and killed Wednesday subsequent to drawing guns with his stepfather.Representatives from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office reacted to a 911 call at 969 Two Mile Run Road in Cutler regarding a man experiencing a shot injury.They showed up preceding the Little Hocking Squad and discovered Taylor Austin Feick of Murray Street, Belpre, dead on the floor.

Investigators showed up presently to start wrongdoing scene preparing and directing meetings.

Jeremy Michael Miller, 29, the mortgage holder and Feick’s stepfather, called 911. Mill operator allowed criminologists to deal with the scene and gather proof.He prompted that he was experiencing a separation, however was still close with his stepson. Mill operator said both of them had moved toward getting together and flame broiling food. He expressed throughout the night they had been drinking lager and had taken “a shot(s) of bourbon”.

He supposedly said he had expended around six lagers and made one effort of bourbon. Mill operator further prompted he had been shooting a gun and an AK47 during the night hours before heading inside.Mill operator expressed while they were inside, they started playing speedy draw with various guns, and the two of them needed to figure out how to be “cowpoke shooters.” He purportedly said he and Feick were remaining in the kitchen-lounge area confronting various headings seeing who could draw the gun the quickest.

Mill operator expressed that out of nowhere he heard the weapon go off and Feick state “I shot myself.” He apparently said he watched a slug opening in Feick’s neck and started CPR and Feick advised him to call for help. Mill operator expressed he rushed to the back patio to recover his telephone and he called 911.Through the course of the examination and handling the wrongdoing scene, investigators had the option to establish that the proof they had recovered didn’t coordinate what Miller at first had told criminologists.

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Investigators instructed Miller that his variant regarding the occasions didn’t coordinate the proof. He was told the proof was indicating the shooter was over the room. Mill operator got enthusiastic, expressing he was “so grieved”. When inquired as to whether he had shot Feick, he expressed he did.

Mill operator purportedly said they were confronting each other drawing the guns at one another. He clarified that when he drew his gun, it went off and struck Feick and he tumbled to the ground. Mill operator said he overlooked the gun was stacked and didn’t intend to shoot Feick.

Mill operator was arrested and set in custody for crazy manslaughter, a third-degree crime. He was shipped to the Washington County Jail, where he stayed until his appearance in Marietta Municipal Court on Thursday. He is being hung on $25,000 bond.

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