Nicola Jones Obituary – Cause of death!

Nicola Jones Obituary: On 25 March 2017, our cherished niece Nikki died at 51 years old. Nikki, you were just 2 years of age when we emigrated to Perth, Western Australia. We were essential for an affectionate family, your Grandparents James and Lilian Grayston, your mum Christine and your sibling Dean.

Additionally, our little girls Sharleane and Kelly who were brought into the world in Australia.

As the years progressed, we had numerous outings back to the UK and you went through numerous upbeat occasions with us here in Perth. Nikki, you give up your 12 year old child, Jack, who is a genuine credit to you.

Nikki and your child Jack.

Because of conditions our old buddies Sylvia and Tom couldn’t peruse this accolade for you at your burial service. We adored you so much Nikki, you were taken from us awfully soon and will stay in our souls until the end of time.

Find happiness in the hereafter Nikki.

Your caring Aunt and Uncle and Cousins Jenny, Pete, Sharleane and Kelly xxx

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