Mike Limberios Cause of Death

Mike Limberios Cause of Death – Mike Limberios, the dad who battled to have the decision that his child ended it all in 2012 toppled, passed on Wednesday. “I think the loss of his child murdered him,” said Mike’s significant other, Shannon, of Castalia. The couple’s child, Jacob Limberios, 19, incidentally fired himself with his firearm during a social event with companions at a country home close to Clyde, a fantastic jury who checked on the case decided a year ago.

The hearers additionally found a deformity in Jacob’s gun empowered the firearm to now and then shot without the trigger being pulled. Sandusky County Coroner Dr John Wukie, who didn’t go to the scene or request a dissection, administered Jacob’s demise self-destruction. The Limberioses battled to have Wukie’s decision upset and addressed slips up the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office made the evening of the demise.

At last, Wookie would need to change the way of death administering, and he has said he wouldn’t do as such. Jacob intentionally held a stacked firearm by his head, and it terminated, Wookie said. That underpins a self-destruction administering, regardless of whether he planned to shoot or not, Wukie has said.


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