Lesley Fightmaster Autopsy Report, Death and Obituary

It is extremely bitter to find out that the wife of Duke Fightmaster and a famous YouTube Yoga instructor, Lesley Fightmaster was announced dead at the mere age of 50, on November 21, 2020. She belonged to Beuna Vista, CA died leaving behind all his loved ones devastated.

About Lesley Fightmaster 

Lesley Fightmaster influenced the lives of thousands of people with all her positive and inspiring Yoga videos. As she led others through her different yoga poses, her beautiful personality came through very strong. After teaching yoga with real-world classes, she started teaching online yoga. Her YouTube Channel had 625000 subscribers and her popular videos were viewed million times. Her motto was to make positive changes, as it helps in making the world a better place to live in.

All of her videos end with a charming smile, which touched millions of hearts and set up the tone for that day. Her passionate bright light also changes everyone, sending waves to the world and influencing others’ lives.

People feel their life becomes simple, by seeing her beautiful smile on the computer screen and this she also taught to many of her students. She was an amazing mother, a dedicated wife, a skilled yogini and a talented yoga teacher.

Cause of Death

Coming to the cause of her death, no clinical problems or varied explanations behind her demise have been discussed. Lesley Fightmaster autopsy report has never been made public, so there is no such information about what caused her sudden demise. There were no such revelations of Lesley Fightmaster Car Accident either.

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Reaction on Demise

Everyone became stunned and extremely sad upon hearing news of Lesley Fightmaster’s demise. It was a great loss for many. Many people across the world shine so brightly that when they leave, the world becomes a little dim. Lesley Fightmaster was counted among those people who were making people’s lives bright and healthy.

Motivation shared by Lesley Fightmaster

“Surrender is an essential part of your practice, and it’s a good thing. It can be scary to release control, but when you do, you allow the flow of the universe to guide you and you release your struggles.” – Lovely quote by Lesley Fightmaster

Parting Thoughts

She travelled across the world offering yoga clinics. She was a lovely soul who impressed numerous people other than her family and friends. She will be missed immensely. There was a Celebration of life in Alden, NY and arrangements were made by Charles Meyer Funeral Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When did Lesley Fightmaster die?

Ans. Lesley Fightmaster died on 21st Nov 2020 at the age of 50.

Q2. What was the profession of Lesley Fightmaster?

Ans. Lesley Fightmaster was a well-known yoga instructor and meditation guide. She gained a lot of popularity through her YouTube channel “Fightmaster Yoga.”

Q3. Who is Lesley Fightmaster’s Husband?

Ans. Lesley Fightmaster’s husband is Duke.

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