Jorge Gonzalez Death | Passed Away – Obituary

Jorge Gonzalez Death – Dead: An extraordinary misfortune was made known to dailywebpoint. As loved ones of the expired are grieving the death of their adored and appreciated Jorge Gonzalez.
we need equity for Jorge Gonzalez… tired of you continually slaughtering non-white individuals and have the killers simply walk the boulevards to continue doing what they know best.
Jorge Gonzalez, endured a wrecked neck, and a packed spine because of 3 sheriff representatives in Texas. He was unable to try and hold his head up for this mugshot… so they needed to hold it up for him. They really thought the mugshot was a higher priority than a medical clinic visit.
After a delegate stumbled him he hit his face hard and went oblivious. They tased him couple of times “to wake him up”.
He was left deadened neck down, experienced a progression of medical procedures, and was in ICU on the ventilator for longer than a month after the capture.
As indicated by the clinic he went more than 26 hours in Hidalgo County prison without essential clinical consideration that could have spared his life.

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