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joe tippens obituary

Through his blog Get Busy Living, Joe Tippens helped many to know the secret behind his cancer cure that led him to live beyond his limited time period. So is Joe Tippens’s story real? So whose news is circulating as Joe Tippens obituary? Keep reading to get an insight into everything and know is Joe Tippens still alive.

Early Life

He was born in the late 50s in a small Oklahoma town, youngest Among the six siblings. He did his degree in Agriculture Economics and Accounting from Oklahoma State University. Embarking on a glorious journey he first worked as a CPA in Tulsa then he became the founder of a sports marketing company, to New York as a venture capitalist, chairman of a financial technology company in Florida and as a private equity fund co-CEO back to Oklahoma where he also helped his family-owned business to achieve maximum exist values.

A devastating phase in life

Where everything was working so well for Joe Tippens a life-changing phase occurred when cancer took over his body. When he was suffering from cancer he tried various supplements and medicines to cure his cancer. It may be a miracle or a gift of science that was enough to shock everyone. To date, various research is being done on the medicines and supplements he tried to cure his cancer but still, there is no further evidence to prove that the canine supplements taken by him are worth treating cancer.

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Joe Tippens Story

How unreal it may sound that a medicine for dogs can cure cancer but Joe Tippens says that this is true because it saved his life. He says that his stomach, liver, pancreas, neck, bladder, and bones were affected by cancer, he had a median life expectancy of three months, and it was confirmed he would die of small cell lung cancer. But by January 2017 he was very much alive and what he credits for his survival has made doctors scratch their heads and rest, raising eyebrows.

Joe Tippens Protocol

He founded a protocol after discovering the story of scientists at Merck Animal Health who had been performing cancer research on mice. The research showed that through the trial and error method when mice were injected with different types of cancer a product in their canine product line called fenbendazole was killing 1.00o in those different cancers in the mice. Later a scientist herself was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She tried fenbendazole and after 6 weeks her reports showed a clean scan and she was cancer-free. 

In 2016 when Joe himself was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer after hearing the scientist’s story tried fenbendazole added with his ingredients, curcumin, CBD oil and Vitamin E. Joe Tippens has been on this protocol since that day and is cancer-free to this day.

Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol Dosages

  • Fenbendazole: 222 mg per day, 7 days a week with food
  • Curcumin: 600mg of bioavailable curcumin 7 days a week
  • CBD oil: 25 mg under the tongue (sublingually) seven days a week
  • Vitamin E: 400-800 mg per day, seven days a week
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He has described his diagnosis, prognosis and treatment fully on his blog Get Busy Living.

Joe Tippens Oklahoma Obituary

Joe Frank Tippens Jr. peacefully passed away at the age of 71 on Saturday 3 November 2018. His funeral was held on Tuesday, 6 November 2018. He lived with his loving wife, Theresa W. Tippens.

It was not Joe Tippens obituary but it was Joe Frank Oklahoma’s obituary who with his methodist faith served in the US Army during Vietnam from 1967 until 1969. He also co-owned Tippens Appliance and Furniture Inc. with his wife for 60 years.

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