Jim Weatherly Obituary – Cause of death!

Jim Weatherly Obituary: One night in 1970, Jim Weatherly got the telephone and called his companion Lee Majors, the film and TV entertainer who might before long got known as “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Mr. Weatherly, a striving lyricist, had been a star quarterback at Ole Miss prior to moving to Los Angeles, where he fortified with Majors through a banner football alliance, playing against any semblance of James Caan.

Rather than Majors, the entertainer’s new sweetheart, Farrah Fawcett, picked up the telephone.

“Simply throughout the discussion, she referenced she was pressing her garments and she planned to take the 12 PM plane to Houston to visit her family,” Mr. Weatherly later reviewed. “ ’Midnight plane to Houston’ stalled out in my brain in striking letters. At the point when I got off the telephone, I composed ’12 PM Plane to Houston’ in around 30 to 45 minutes.

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