Jeff Fortier Obituary – Cause of death!

Jeff Fortier Obituary: In the early morning of October eleventh, 2019 our dearest child, sibling, father, Jeffrey William Fortier died calmly into the caring arms of his Nana and Grampa Bill and Bella Bodnarchuk.

Jeff was brought into the world in Winnipeg, spent his initial a long time in Red Lake and his early stages in Schreiber. It was here that Jeff sharpened his outstanding hockey ability playing protection for the considerable Junior B Schreiber North Stars. Later he played one season as a semi-professional in Utica, NY for the Mohawk Valley Comets.

Jeff was a long lasting outdoorsman and any individual who went with him on chasing or fishing trips realized that alongside the rifle or fishing supply bag came his guitar. Jeff’s adoration for music was his purpose in life card and we will painfully miss the music. Jeff is made due by his caring guardians Mickey and Marie, sibling Jason, and his girls Samantha and Reianna.

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