Jaqhawn Walters Death – Obituary – Cause of death!

Jaqhawn Walters Death: Dear Albertus Magnus College Students, Faculty, and Staff, It is with a throbbing heart I keep in touch with you to share the lamentable updates on the death of Albertus former student, Jaqhawn Walters ’18, who kicked the bucket from shot injuries before today in Hartford. For those of us lucky enough to know Jaqhawn, or “JQ” as he was tenderly known to so many, we recollect his radiating grin and overwhelming character, carrying satisfaction to everybody around him, regardless of whether it was on the ball court, in the study hall, or spaces over our grounds.

Having been around men’s school b-ball at the most serious NCAA Division I levels, when I showed up at Albertus and watched Jaqhawn play during his senior season and my first year at the College, I just really wanted to respect how he gave 110% at the two closures of the court, and he generally played with a grin all over. I am incorporating with this message an image, a superb memory from our Commencement Ceremony in 2018, when Jaqhawn got his Albertus degree and we grasped in a warm embrace.

As we petition God for Jaqhawn and his family, let us recall his warm heart and soul. Jaqhawn’s life was finished too soon, and we feel misfortune and outrage. Yet, let us notice the supplications of Pope Francis, as he reminds us, “We ask the risen Jesus, who transforms demise into life, to change contempt into adoration, retaliation into absolution, war into harmony. Truly, Christ is our tranquility, and through him to beg harmony for all the world.”

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In the week ahead we will observe Founders Day, to pay tribute to the Dominican Sisters who addressed a call and need in 1925, starting a heritage that currently dates 95 years, an inheritance that incorporates endless ladies and men who having gone to Albertus Magnus College, completely changed them and the lives of people around them to improve things. Our dear graduate, Jaqhawn, was a youngster who came to Albertus, earned his degree and in doing as such, carried more noteworthy bliss to every one of people around him.

I foresee that we will offer a petition administration in memory of Jaqhawn, likely on Tuesday. Monday is the International Day of Peace, which is a call to us all to put forth attempts to live in harmony and care for each other, each individual in turn. Let us acclaim harmony, advance harmony, and let us carry solace and care to every individual from our Albertus Magnus College family, and our siblings and sisters all over. I offer supplications to Jaqhawn, his family, his companions, and to each one of the individuals who grieve inside our Albertus people group.

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