Gardners Falls Death – Obituary – Cause of death!

Gardners Falls Death: Swimmers at a famous cascade at Maleny in Queensland have reviewed the second a family started a berserk quest for a 40-year-elderly person who vanished in the wake of hopping off rocks.

Police say the Nepalese man was not a solid swimmer

SES groups and quick water salvage laborers were called to the site not long before five o’clock the previous evening

The Sunshine Coast Council has communicated its sympathies to the man’s family

Fire and salvage groups were called to Gardners Falls not long before 5:00pm on Tuesday after reports the man had been absent for over 10 minutes.

Police jumpers, SES volunteers and two swiftwater professionals looked through the territory before jumpers found the man’s body soon after 8:00pm.

It is perceived the Nepalese man, who had been living in Australia for year and a half, was visiting the region from Caloundra.

Acting Inspector John Mahony said the man was not a solid swimmer.

“The male individual immediately surfaced and was then seen to lower from the outside of the water and neglected to reemerge,” he said.

“It shows up he may well have suffocated, anyway examinations concerning the reason for death are proceeding.

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