Casey Hargis Car Accident – Cause of death!

Casey Hargis Car Accident: A lady associated with a red hot multi-vehicle crash in the College Area on Wednesday passed on a few hours after being taken to the medical clinic.

Casey Diane Hargis, 22, was articulated dead at UCSD Medical Center on Thursday morning after a vehicle hammered into the Ford Fusion. It was halted at a crossing point the previous night.

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Hargis and the driver, a 22-year-elderly person, were both taken to the clinic experiencing second-and severe singeing on over 70% of their bodies, alongside inner dying.

Hargis kicked the bucket of vascular wounds from pelvic cracks, as per the province clinical inspector’s report.

The state of the driver has not been authoritatively delivered.

Wednesday, a 63-year-elderly person was driving in his Mercedes when he endured an obscure clinical issue and hammered into the rear of the Ford that Hargis was going in at 70th Street and El Cajon Blvd.

The power of the accident drove the two vehicles into the contrary paths of El Cajon Blvd, where they were struck by three different cars, making the Ford touch off and leaving the ladies caught inside before witnesses could pull them from the vehicle.

The Mercedes driver was taken to the clinic for treatment, yet his condition wasn’t promptly delivered. Different drivers included were taken to the medical clinic for minor wounds.

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