Ashley Garcia Death – Obituary – Cause of death!

Ashley Garcia Death: Police are searching for a man blamed for pounding the life out of his pregnant sweetheart throughout the end of the week at their Greater Inwood condo and afterward revealing to her 8-year-old child not to wake her as he fled.

Agents discovered blood-scattered dividers and floors all through the loft Saturday in the 5500 square of De Soto Street after neighbors revealed the frightful find. The youngster couldn’t wake his mom that morning and requested that two neighbors help him, as indicated by court records.

Firemen found the lady, distinguished as 27-year-old Ashley Garcia, lying in bed with what gave off an impression of being gruff power injury to her head. She had been dead for a few hours, Houston police specialists sent in charging papers. Police said they currently accept 23-year-old Alexis Armando Rojas-Mendez is answerable for her passing. He was accused Sunday of homicide yet has not been captured.

The youngster recognized Rojas-Mendez as his dad, as per court records.

The kid told police that his dad had cautioned him Friday night not to wake his mom and that he needed to go to work. At the point when he returned, “they would be going out traveling far away,” the man stated, as indicated by the youngster.

The neighbors who discovered Garcia heard a contention in the condo not long before 12 PM.

Another inhabitant in the high rise told agents he saw a man beating a lady in the parking area and attempting to constrain her and a kid into a vehicle. He hit the lady with a wireless and hauled her up higher up to their condo, police said.

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“He could hear what seemed as though beating commotions originating from inside the loft,” examiners nitty gritty in court archives.

During the examination, Rojas-Mendez’s sister showed up at the wrongdoing scene and told police that he reached her around 4:45 a.m. Saturday requesting cash. He sounded focused on, she stated, court records state.

He previously owed her $800, she stated, yet needed more “so he could go work an occupation away.” She cannot, specialists proceeded.

Specialists said they trust Rojas-Mendez might be attempting to escape the nation.

Garcia’s sister additionally halted by the De Soto examination and told police that the kid had seen Rojas-Mendez hitting his mom in the stomach with what had all the earmarks of being a steel-toed work boot.

Police didn’t quickly give a photograph of Rojas-Mendez.

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