Andy Banks Found Dead – Obituary – Cause of death!

Andy Banks Found Dead: Above 200 grievers filled the parking garage of Raleigh’s shut K&W café Friday night, every one of them holding candles to recollect their killed companion Andy Banks, embracing each other around a container loaded with sunflowers. An awkward quietness fell over the group, dumbfounded with misery, remaining on the spot where Banks was most recently seen before evaporating last Saturday, when a voice shouted out, “Someone state something interesting!”

So for the following two hours, the speakers alternated reviewing the 39-year-old Banks, who lived with the delight of an 8-year-old at a birthday celebration.

He was such a man who consistently realized where to locate the best brew specials on a Sunday evening, how to purchase a truck for inexpensively, it up and sell it for a superior one, how to enjoy a quality lifestyle on Chase Rewards focuses.

He once spent a late spring in Charleston however didn’t have a bed for his room, yet he saw that a sleeping pad store offered a 90-day unconditional promise. So he made resting courses of action.

Banks would assist you with moving to your new home when he scarcely knew you. If you were burnt out on your activity and needed another life, he would ask you to stop and move in with him. He would keep an eye on kids, and before you got back, he would have taken them to Subway, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

He drove a red 1970s Cadillac El Dorado — painted the shade of his darling N.C. State University Wolfpack — and would advance it to for your wedding pictures.

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Most importantly, his horde of companions underscored, he wouldn’t need anybody to lose confidence and think the world a horrible spot. Even after his passing.

“I’m not going to imagine I don’t feel wrath and outrage,” said Levi Boyd, his companion since school. “I’m working through this to discover something positive. Andy had no reservations that he planned to live always, but then to be so ready to give your opportunity to so many, I feel coerce that don’t give so uninhibitedly. I’ll never be the equivalent having known Andy.”

Friday night’s vigil came only a couple of hours after his blamed executioner, Justin Fernando Merritt, of Danville, showed up in a Wake County court to deal with murder indictments.

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