All girls garage death – Obituary – Cause of death!

All girls garage death: Race vehicle driver Jessi Combs, the host of the TV arrangement “All Girls Garage,” was killed in a rapid accident while attempting to set another land-speed record, her family said on Wednesday.

Brushes, 39, was endeavouring to turn into the quickest lady on Earth when she was killed while dashing on Tuesday on the Alvord Desert, a dry lake bed in southeastern Oregon, the family said in an announcement.

The race vehicle driver, ‘All Girls Garage’ have Jessi Combs slaughtered in an offer to break the land-speed record

The subtleties of the accident were not delivered.

“Jessi’s most prominent dream was to turn into the quickest lady on Earth, a fantasy she had been pursuing since 2012,” the announcement said. “Brushes was one of the uncommon visionaries with the fortitude to transform those conceivable outcomes into the real world, and she left this world driving quicker than some other lady ever.”

Brushes, who started her profession as a manufacturer of speedster vehicles, was seen on TV in various car expos, including “Overhaulin’,” “Truck U,” “MythBusters” and “All Girls Garage.”

Brushes’ dear companion and colleague Terry Madden considered her a “stunning soul.”

“Shockingly we lost her yesterday in a horrendous mishap, I was the first there and trusted me we did everything humanly conceivable to spare her!!,” he said in an Instagram posting.

Brushes had chronicled her endeavour via online media to beat the 512-mile-per-hour ladies’ property speed record set in 1976 by American Kitty O’Neil, who passed on last November.

In a posting on Instagram this week, Combs stated, “It might appear to be somewhat insane to walk straightforwardly into the line of fire… the individuals who are willing, are the individuals who accomplish incredible things. Individuals state I’m insane. I state I bless your heart.”

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