Abdullah Anzorov Killed – Obituary – cause of death!

Abdullah Anzorov Killed: On 16 October, a 18-year-old, Abdullah Anzorov, executed a set of experiences instructor, Samuel Paty, in the city of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a northwesern suburb of Paris. Abdullah was killed by the police minutes after the decapitation.

Compassion toward the instructor and judgment for the aggressor came pouring in from all quarters. In this manner, police captured nine individuals identified with Abdullah (counting his granddad and 17-year-old sibling) or identified with understudies of the school where Paty instructed regarding the wrongdoing.

The French President Emmanuel Macron called the decapitation “a demonstration of Islamist psychological oppression.”

“This was an endeavor to strike down the republic,” he said.

Then, Prime Minister Jean Castex stated, “Secularism, the foundation of the French Republic, was focused in this contemptible demonstration.”

Inquiries regarding police activity

These are sure realities around the episode that should bring different inquiries up in the brains of anybody whose judgment isn’t obfuscated by a scorn of Islam.

For what reason did the police shoot to execute Abdullah when, even by their own records, he just had a blade and air rifle? For what reason did the police capture nine individuals when there is no proof at all that they were included in the event that it doesn’t capture the relatives of white Christians who murder individuals?

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