What is Heavy-Duty Racking?


One of the major difficulties that warehouse owners often face is managing space. When the warehouse fills up with heavy stocks, the floor area becomes insufficient to store them. To make the best use of the storage space of a warehouse, heavy duty racks can be put to use. Heavy duty racks are commonly used in storage rooms, warehouses, factories, and hardware stores and they are reputed for their ability to withstand heavyweights. When storage does not have enough ground space to fit all its products, heavy duty racks can make the best use of the vertical space, storing utterly heavy products safely above the ground. Hence, heavy duty racking is a must-have in any place where heavy objects such as metal equipment, construction materials, metal tools, vehicle parts, heavy machinery, etc. are stored. 

Heavy duty racks are typically made of Plywood, Metal Shelving, and Wire Mesh. They can withstand 1000kg, 2000kg, and 3000kg/UDL per level, and are ideal for goods that are bulky and heavy. Heavy duty racking systems usually come with three levels, and can also be customized according to your storage space. In this article, you are going to learn the benefits of installing a heavy duty racking system in your warehouse, factory, or any space where you have a lot of heavy items to store. 

It also aids significantly in the reduction of clutter and mess, leaving way for a clear and organized workspace. 

Why Do You Need a Heavy Duty Racking System?

If you own a crowded warehouse, the biggest issue that you would face is organizing and storing goods. However, when the goods are large and heavy, moving them around and arranging them tidily while managing the limited space you have in the building becomes a big hassle. The only way to solve this issue is to install a well-built heavy duty racking system from a reliable racking and shelving company. Heavy duty racks are worth investing in because they provide your store with more space and reduce clutter and mess, leaving way for a clear and organized workspace. Heavy duty racks have also found their way into logistics and industrial organizations in the modern world, demonstrating that they are an excellent fit for various industries!

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One of the most fascinating features of heavy duty racking systems is their optimized load-bearing capacity. As they are typically built of steel, they can easily bear the weight of thousands of kilos without even a slight risk of the structure kinking or bending over time. In addition, they are also highly customizable and you can request further modifications as you wish from your shelving company according to what suits your storage space. 

When storing goods above the ground, it is crucial to pay adequate attention to accessibility. If the goods stored are out of your reach, moving, rearranging, or taking them out will be a problematic task. However, with heavy duty racking systems you will never have to worry about accessing the stored items as they are set up in a way that allows products to be driven through and easily accessed by forklifts and trucks.

Benefits of Installing a Heavy Duty Racking System

Heavy duty racking systems are widely popular among various industries for bringing numerous benefits. Below are some of the top benefits that you can enjoy by installing a strong, properly-built heavy duty racking system. 

1. They maximize the storage space of your warehouse

If you are worried about not having sufficient space in your warehouse, you can simply install heavy duty racks to solve the problem. They are efficient and increase the storage space of your building to the maximum level by making the best use of the unused vertical space. As the racks come with wide, horizontal levels, the goods can be stored at heights parallel to the floor space of the warehouse. Why pile up goods on the floor when you can get an excellently constructed set of heavy duty tracks to maximize and maintain storage space? 

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 2. They boost warehouse productivity and efficiency

Having a well-organized and clutter-free work environment boosts workspace productivity tremendously. It boosts staff’s motivation and job satisfaction by providing them with a pleasant work atmosphere. Furthermore, when items are stored neatly in an ordered manner, it is much easier for you or your employees to retrieve and store them when they are needed. Moreover, as heavy duty racks can be set up in a way that allows for forklifts to be driven through, employees can cut down the time that they would have to spend on accessing the products.

  3. They minimize accidents and maximize warehouse safety

Accidents are common in warehouses, factories, and other storage spaces. Most of these accidents take place due to untidiness or poor space management. The potential of heavy duty racking to limit the number of accidents in warehouses is one of the most important characteristics of its implementation. There is less risk of machines clashing with other goods when there is less clutter and more floor space. Additionally, heavy duty racking minimizes tripping hazards. 

Strong and steady heavy duty racking systems can be attached to the floor or the walls in certain circumstances for better stability, reducing the chance of racks being wobbly or falling over. As a result, the risk of injury will be reduced, making the workplace much safer for the employees. 

 4. They are easy to set-up

The ability to install and uninstall easily is another great benefit of heavy duty racks. Heavy duty racks make it convenient for many warehouse owners to rearrange their warehouses from time to time according to their preferences by having adjustable and removable structural pallets. This makes setting up the racking system convenient as it can be done during normal warehouse operation hours without much disruption to business operations.

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 5. They give value for money

Installing a heavy duty racking system is a long-term investment. Even though the cost of installation of heavy duty racks is relatively high, it is way cheaper than renovating your storage space by extending the floor area. The best way to solve the issue of lack of space in your warehouse while avoiding additional construction expenses is to get a set of heavy duty racks installed by a trustworthy shelving company. 

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