Useful tips on how to stop snoring

The sound produced by the movement of various respiratory structures by the passage of air during sleep is known as Snoring. Usually the sound is very soft and not noticeable by others. However, when the sound is loud, it becomes disturbing and unpleasant to others. There are various health risks associated with snoring. Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea which is characterized by frequent pauses in breathing while sleeping. Snoring may also cause sleep deprivation that can lead to daytime drowsiness affecting a person’s day to day activities. Both snoring and sleep apnea increases the risk of occurrence of heart disease in the snorer.

Various useful tips to reduce the symptom of snoring

Snoring is usually caused due to obstruction and blockages in the upper airways including nose and throat. Hence, removal of these obstructions can diminish the severity of snoring to a large extent. Some of the techniques that can be used to reduce snoring are: Weight reduction: Obesity is an important cause of snoring. Reducing the excess weight decreases the bulk of tissues around the throat which are an important cause of obstruction and blockage.

Changing sleep position: It is often observed that snoring is worse when an individual sleeps on his back. Hence, changing the sleeping position and sleeping on your side, stomach or with head and shoulders raised helps in reducing snoring.

Quit smoking: If you are a smoker and a snorer, then quitting the habit can help you relieve snoring. The muscles surrounding the throat lose their tone due to smoking. Moreover, nicotine in cigarettes is known to cause growth of polyps in the air passages that may block the throat and cause snoring. Hence, leave the habit for peaceful and restful sleep.

Some snorers have the habit of sleeping with their mouth open which may cause vibrations of uvula during breathing, this producing a characteristic sound. This may also result from nasal obstruction caused due to allergies, sinusitis etc. Hence, sleeping right during sleep with mouth closed is also an important way to reduce snoring. If you are suffering from nasal allergies or sinusitis, it is recommended to take proper measures to control the symptoms.

Snoring can be very effectively controlled by various exercises that strengthen the muscles of the face, throat and tongue. Some of the exercises that are specifically performed to stop or reduce snoring are: yawning, putting the tongue out, lips puckering and closing and opening of the mouth. Breathing and stretching exercises that are practiced as part of yoga are also helpful in reducing the symptoms of snoring.

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